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An EVERYDAY ATHLETE comes in many different shapes, sizes, age and athletic abilities. Our EVERYDAY ATHLETE services are for ‘ANY-body’ with a desire to understand their body, improve their balance, sharpen their minds, increase their awareness – and improve their overall fitness. We strongly believe that YOUR body should be there for you when you need it – for anything life throws at you.

*Services Include – Fitness Classes | Private Training (1-on-1) | Small Group (2-6 people) | Open Gym | Sweat66


Our SPORT-SPECIFIC|SPORT-PERFORMANCE programs are designed specifically for elite athletes striving to enhance their overall athletic performance. Hockey, Golf, Baseball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Cheer, Gymnastics, Soccer, Swimming, – you name it, we have you and your athletes covered.

*Services Include – Team Training | Private (1-on-1) Training | Small Group (2 to 6 athletes) | Open Gym


New to CXT! We now offer a unique class specifically for New Moms with infant(s) between the ages of 1 month and 1 year. Classes are offered 2 times a week and specifically designed with the understanding that postpartum bodies are different! No day care? No problem! Bring your baby with you and have the luxury of being able to keep an eye on them in our designated baby area, while you work out. These classes are ONLY offered to new moms and are the perfect balance for the busy mom looking for an athletic and challenging workout, all while having their baby close and in their sight at all times!

*Services Include – Exclusively for Babies and Sweat Fitness Classes


Our popular SWEAT66 CHALLENGE is attracting a lot of attention on social media and within the Milton Ontario community. We offer a number of different packages for members and non CXT members that fit any budget. We offer numerous prizes and incentives from some of our amazing fellow Milton Community businesses, for our TOP OVERALL TRANSFORMATIONS (as chosen by our panel of judges), to help keep you motivated and inspired throughout your 66 day fitness journey.

*Grand Prizes Include – TBA: Prizes vary each time and will be announced before each and every Challenge!



We offer a variety of Athletic Group Classes for both Adults and Youth - never more than 12 members per class. Training times vary between 45-60 minutes and each session is uniquely designed to have people burn calories while actively participating in their learning. Techniques are taught before the session along with a series of mobility movements to properly prepare the body, specifically for the class ahead. The concept of a team is there to support and motivate people to remain consistent with their physical activity. There are 2 different styles of programming/workouts offered (‘X-Fit’ and ‘Sweat’). Each workout is challenging but designed so that every individual can push themselves to their own limits based on their specific limitations, restrictions, and level of fitness... NO workouts are the same! The social aspect of our classes and atmosphere promote a true sense of community and All Class Memberships include unlimited class visits! You will not find a better workout and atmosphere in town – our programming is unique and one of a kind, best part is: you will get to truly experience what it’s really like to be part of a team and train like a real athlete! We offer Youth (9-17 yrs) and Adult (18+ yrs.) membership/pass options available.


Personal Training is proven to be the most effective and efficient way of getting real results. Personal Training at CXT is above all the rest in Milton Ontario. Our highly qualified professional strength and conditioning coaches are solely focused on getting you result and specifically design each program/session for YOUR individual goals. We at CXT believe in safe, healthy, long-lasting results…no quick fixes. In today’s world, we all struggle to make time for ourselves in order to truly meet our health and fitness needs and goals. That’s where we come in. Let our knowledgeable coaches give you all the tools, inspiration, support motivation and expert knowledge you need in order to make real, lasting lifestyle changes and ultimately reach your ongoing personal fitness goals as you evolve.


Small Group Training gives you all the same benefits as Personal Training, at a fraction of the cost! Train with your friends, family members, spouse and share the cost. This option allows the group to motivate, support, inspire and push each other to bring out the best in each of you. These sessions are done in a private setting, specifically scheduled to fit your busy schedules, and designed to meet the needs of the entire group. We always take into account any restrictions and limitations of the group, and give each person plenty of 1-on-1 coaching throughout each session. The Small Group Training option is an amazing and fun alternative to Personal Training that also brings incredible results!



New to CXT! We now offer a unique class specifically for New Moms with infant(s) between the ages of 1 month and 1 year. This exciting NEW class is known as: ‘Babies & Sweat! Workouts/classes are offered 2 times a week, using the same CXT Methods but specifically designed with the understanding that postpartum bodies are different! No day care? No problem! Bring your baby with you and have the luxury of being able to keep an eye on them in our designated baby area, while you work out. Moms, feel free to tend to your baby as much as you wish throughout the class. No need to worry about holding up others in the class, as this class and timeslot is ONLY offered to other new moms! Lower music than a normal CXT class, this offers the perfect balance for momma’s who want athletic and challenging workouts, all while having their baby close and in their sight at all times!


For athletes, the off-season is just as important as the season itself. Let our certified strength and conditioning coaches build you or your Youth Athletes (7+ yrs.) a customized program `by using our sport-specific knowledge and expertise based on your specific needs. We offer a fully rounded program including our own CXT Combine Performance Testing Protocol, full movement assessment, and scientifically developed sport-specific training programs to ensure overall improvement and athletic development in all areas of your game! Get 1-on-1 attention with Private Sessions or round-up a bunch of teammates/same sport athletes for our Small Group Session option.


Give your sports team the CXT Edge! We are the only facility in Milton Ontario, specifically designed to accommodate and optimize your sports teams’ potential and performance. Our coaches are former Elite-level Athletes that come with specific expertise, knowledge, advanced training techniques and an appreciation for what it takes to get to the next level! We offer two ‘Combine Style’ test days for all teams in order to gather baseline statistics and each players overall development.


Running 3x Annually – This 66 Day Fitness and Lifestyle Transformation Challenge is the Perfect way to get yourself on track, commit to your goals and finally get the healthy lifestyle results you have always wanted. No Long-term contracts. Will you be the next WINNER of our SWEAT66 Fitness & Lifestyle Transformation Challenge?!

NON-MEMBER Packages Start as low as $375.00 | MEMBER Packages for as low as $99.00!



Our amazing ‘Sweat’ classes are offered to all members in our EVERYDAY ATHLETE program. These 45-minute intensive circuit workouts require a willingness to work hard and SWEAT! Focus is on dumbbell, kettlebell, battlerope, Slamball, mobility, agility, cardio, and athletic bodyweight movements. These ‘Pro Athlete’ style workouts are a great way to burn calories, gain strength, endurance, tone up and train like a true athlete!


Our X-Fit programming is our unique take on a ‘CrossFit’ style WOD! We take all the good, safe and scalable movements you would see in a CrossFit style workout. What differentiates us from the usual Crossfit system? We substitute all the unnecessary gymnastic and complicated lifts/exercises with more functional athletic movements that put less ware and tear on your body. Our ‘X-Fit’ programming is completely unique and different than any other workout around; you will not find this type of class anywhere else! Sessions are challenging and not for the faint of heart. Workouts will start with a lifting component followed by a short ‘WOD’ that will challenge even the best athletes! Every day will be completely different than the last that will include a mix of strength, cardio and accessory work. If you want a workout that will challenge you, push your limits, but still keep your mind and body healthy while preventing any unnecessary injuries... this is the workout for you!

My name is Chris Myers – Founder | Owner | Head Strength & Conditioning Coach of CXT Athletics!
I am a fitness professional looking to change the face of fitness in Milton Ontario and surrounding Halton Region. I have found a formula for fitness that works, the concept is as follows: work smarter not longer. I have worked as a Strength & Conditioning Coach / Personal Trainer over the past 10+ years. I love this town, working with many local sports teams, youth athletes and numerous ‘everyday-athletes’. My fitness background is highly focused on athletic training, stemming from my background as an Elite Level Hockey Player and multi-sport athlete growing up. During my playing career, I always had a great understanding and respect for the amount of hard work and dedication necessary (both on and off the ice,) in order to perform and excel at an optimal level. As a former Athlete now with a Psychology Degree, my passion is working with Athletic families in all areas of life. I want all people to gain the amazing experience of what it’s really like to feel and train like a true athlete –in a positive and comfortable environment that empowers each and every individual to become the absolute best version of themselves.
Chris Myers
CXT Founder and Head Strength & Conditioning Coach